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The Gambia

A few years ago I went to West Africa to the Gambia, where I had a very interesting experience on the eve of my arrival the country had endured an unsuccessful coup d’état attempt, the Military was out in force, checkpoints every mile into the capital of Banjul, soldiers in their full camo gear holding their AK47’s, but […]

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Back in Preston

It’s strange being away from you’re hometown/city, especially as a photographer, so many little details change, development happens, new markets, new buildings, new coach stations, new faces. The changes here in Preston for a change seem to be heading in the right direction, some inspiring design/architecture, (I for one thankful that the town planners didn’t […]

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Cause & effect

I’ll tell you a story behind the image, As a child, I went to a christian primary school and I have a memory of decorating an orange (around Christmas time), but with no knowledge to why we were using an orange? I mean I got the apple reference at that young age, I had been told of […]

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