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An experiment, a collaboration

I really enjoy working with other artists, I find something through the process of a collaboration develops ideas you would ordinarily would simply not have, boundaries are crossed, your usual process of creative elimination is altered, you become more open to ideas, less likely to dismiss a silly idea, more likely to just dive in […]

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Abstract photos

Sometimes, rather than think  about the work I wish to create, (I’m constantly thinking about this)   I force myself to put my camera down for a couple of days… I then go out and I shoot, with no project in mind, without thinking I just shoot! what I shoot seems somewhat disjointed no longer making […]

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Band & Artist Photo Shoots

How important is your image? Promoters, Venues, Labels all wanna see what you look like, your image is often what’s seen before anyone hears or sees your art, the question I have to ask you is how serious do you wanna take this… do you wanna go out do a few open mics? are you […]

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