Last night I went to Village Books (Leeds) for the book launch of  ‘Preston is my Pais 2009-19’ A 10 year photography project by Robert Parkinson & Adam Murray, originally a self published zine launched in 2010, a zine that apparently at the time didn’t get much attention, but they kept going, kept working on the project; A decade later here’s body of work which peers into the everyday, studies the urban space that is Preston or is it Paris? I feel Northern identity is the underlying main focus here, but thats after a brief flick through the work, being from Preston, its interesting to see how this changes slowly, how the City is currently undergoing a transformation, shaping its new identity. The book published by Dashwood books (New York) ((500 copies)), I’ve got one and I highly recommend that you also purchase yourself a copy;

Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 14.59.26

Preston is my Paris 2009 – 2019


After the book launch I went and enjoyed a couple of beers, then got the train back to Preston. The beers that I’d sampled appeared to give me a new creative approach, usually I’m looking for something that will go with one of my projects, something that already is part of a conceived idea, and when I spot it (what ever it maybe) in relation to my idea; I usually have a approach, firstly I stop or slow down consider how i’m going to make the photo, even if its just as simple as what fStop/shutter speed, but last night I decided that I was the camera or that the camera was me, no stopping, slowing down, no focus pull, so heres a mini photo documentary of my departure from the train back into my Paris; Preston! Hope you enjoy, I know I enjoyed making the work


Photographer from the north west of England

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