Preston Beer Girls

When I heard that there was a Beer Girls meeting, I thought I’ve got to document this, for me this meeting its part of the feminist movement, a slight change in our social fabric.  Bars, pubs where once a place exclusively for men, I’m told in the past there were some pubs in that didn’t allow women in certain rooms, and beer wasn’t a discussion being had by many women, it was just a place for men to drink and talk mild and football! But lets not forget this is the City where Edith Rigby defied the rules set by men!  This is a place where old fashioned ideas, become part of the bygone times! Through the interest of craft beer, a group of Prestionian women have got together and started a movement, a gathering of women a discussion of their love for craft beer, so I went to meet the group and get a few photos, thanks Preston Beer Girls for letting me document the beginnings of what I think will be a growing movement!



Photographer from the north west of England

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