Portrait; Maya Anna Ozolina

The portrait occupies an eminent position in the history of art, is helps shape our culture and it documents a clearer understanding of the past, but what does it reveal about our future? Photography is a medium that creates an accurate description of the human face, leaving future generations a chance to peer into the past take a close look at the sitter! a chance to ask who the sitter was? what was the relationship between the subject and the photographer? and what does the portrait say about the person behind the lens?

IMG_0229 (2)IMG_0207 (2)

Being invited to sit in the home of Maya was a chance to get to know her a little bit better, a chance to create a portrait that didn’t just include her face, but one that builds up a picture of who she is in the comfort of her home, albeit with a curious photographer observing her and the details of her home with a camera, noting the small details, where the light gets in! where the flowers grow! a chance to discuss what she has created, what she has written, and who she shares her home with, who her family are, what her past looked like and what she makes of the future.

IMG_0175 (2)




IMG_0214 (2)







IMG_0161 (2)

IMG_0144 (2)





IMG_0210 (2)IMG_0216 (2)





IMG_0219 (2)


if you would like your portrait made by me, please get in touch; ash@ashelyhardmanphoto.com


Photographer from the north west of England

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