IMG_8473pigeon tree circles, pigeon tree dance, circles round tree, summer pass pigeons dance  circles grass tree grow


IMG_8470Bricks orange, wash tub, green grass, silver shadows, dead end, parallels, night to day, showdow play


IMG_8475passing by, textures, black whites, yin yang, tags tiles texture, Why?



why? Shelia likes designer goods likes shopping, curious to know why I like textures, picture taken against the textured tileless wall, then sheila’s going shopping for more designer goods, she might get her oil paints out soon


red white red white, repeat – red white red white, old pub, tithbarn, didn’t go through! bus stations almost fifty years old, illumine luminous workman can tell his grandkids, I worked on that there bus station, tithebarn  green grass watch the old man feed the pigeons red white



red white red white, interrupted by yellow, tiles, texture, bricks, new old surfaces, hidden in plain sight, red yellow white, chewing gum 1980’s invisible lines to now parallel



B that of yellow lines to interrupt or invisible lines to where we stand, B repeat B wait draw new lines, quick yellow


driver driver, you’re not here for ever, stand into the spot where I watch people appear, drawing lines to connect to you, on your temporary yet permanent route, to your final destination, stand here you won’t be here forever


silver shadows, metal lines, tiles, telephone rings, no phone is present, BT phones hung there I’m sure echos into the future or the past


grey silver grey, look left, parallel, steps up steps down, maybe look right, do as I say! follow the instructions, draw the lines, step up step down use the rail for guidance close your eyes but watch your step, up then down, silver grey, metal rails, change perspective


grey silver, beige, parallel lines, steps, grey guidance silver, no smoking almost stopped, stress stop smoking follow the great grey silver lines to your destination, but for god sake No smoking


lighter lighter, stop smoking, tiles, 50years from now, still not smoking red Stop, draw lines red lighter stop drawing lines, echoes repeat white tiles lines parallel to where we go



tiles, green grey parallel Dave, positive stance, friend parallel lines, friends talk, past future, echoes, lines draw songs sing, green tiles match, positivity strike a pose work with the camera zip



Green doors yellow, moves the eye quickly yellow green Jakob moves quickly to Scotland


IMG_8719parallel lines drawn to Scotland historical music art, pink green orange, brick, brick brick, blend into the background yellow move quickly



modern architectural functionality, bricks support foundations, from the great streets green box, what do you do? Templar



brick brick brick brick, bricked in. built in the past echoes, taxis, destinations, offices functionality, bricked in, work, transmission, taxi home repeat brick build orange work taxi home


don’t take my picture, picture taken all the time, give no permission have already agreed right pictures taken, escalate pictures echoes record the past digital generation echoes into the future come back into the position I stood and drew imaginary parallel lines


Photographer from the north west of England

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