An experiment, a collaboration

I really enjoy working with other artists, I find something through the process of a collaboration develops ideas you would ordinarily would simply not have, boundaries are crossed, your usual process of creative elimination is altered, you become more open to ideas, less likely to dismiss a silly idea, more likely to just dive in and have a go, I find that sometimes working alone can sometimes hold me back, hold back thoughts or stop myself from executing an idea, in fear of how it maybe received! but that’s the point of being an artist is it not? you have the opportunity to explore things beyond the social norm, toto be emotive in your work, to push through boundaries in search of the idea in which to express your ideas to the world.

Yesterday I got to work with Kat a great emerging artist, who was great to work with, I shared a few ideas and then asked Kat to get in-front of the camera and respond to the space and objects I introduced to her. Here are the results; as the viewer I invite you to respond with any comments, thoughts on how you interpret the work.































IMG_8163IMG_8137IMG_8170IMG_8150 copy














If you’d like to collaborate please get in touch:


Photographer from the north west of England

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