Abstract photos

Sometimes, rather than think  about the work I wish to create, (I’m constantly thinking about this)   I force myself to put my camera down for a couple of days…

I then go out and I shoot, with no project in mind, without thinking I just shoot! what I shoot seems somewhat disjointed no longer making any sense, imagine reading a book where the sentences don’t follow on, the punctuation is all over the place ( a bit like my writing)  well that what its like when I review my photography a few days or a week later

That said I go with it, it a chance to I try out new methods new techniques  sometimes these experiments work, sometimes they don’t, but I find its  just to take a breather from one of the many projects I’m working on! Though frustrating its worth it as my observations feel fresher, I feel more relaxed, I notice the shapes, colours, tones I never noticed before!

In this series of images I found my self on a beach at sunset, though I do love Sunsets, I have not desire in photographing them, however I did enjoy setting my camera to a longer exposure, and playing with the kelvin settings and spinning around on the beach anybody witnessing this must have thought is that guy doing!


if you would like to purchase on of these limited edition Prints please follow the link below (please put you postal address in the notes on PayPal…)


16×12 Print

Limited edition Prints of 100


16×12 Print

Abstract Beach #2 Limited edition of 100


IMG_7219IMG_7218IMG_7251 copyIMG_7239


Photographer from the north west of England

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