Band & Artist Photo Shoots

How important is your image? Promoters, Venues, Labels all wanna see what you look like, your image is often what’s seen before anyone hears or sees your art, the question I have to ask you is how serious do you wanna take this… do you wanna go out do a few open mics? are you looking to record? get an EP out, get some music played on the radio? get booked nationwide, hey even possibly get signed to a major and play worldwide? who knows, if you’re looking to make a good first impression, I’m here to work with you help decide how to go about creating that image, if you think my style fits with you and your band, get in touch, I’m based in Preston and can travel….


the mess we're in

Deepshadep&M222213725049_1841697972726167_967553862598861403_oIMG_8223img_0147_MG_0571 2IMG_1731


Photographer from the north west of England

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