The Benches

Most days I get of the bus at Preston Bus station and I walk past this spot, when trawling through my archive I had noticed that I had several photos taken from a similar point of view, initially this was not a conscious  decision, but after discovering the series of similar images, I decided to continue This is a photography project. While in its infancy, the aim is to create a photobook! continuing to position myself in the same spot, observing  how this space is used, as the series progresses I hope to see more accuracy on my framing the ability to balance the ever changing light as I approach the corner before I see who’s sat or stood in the space. A waiting space, a space to ponder scroll on phones or just have a rest with the shopping, watch this space to watch the project develop…


IMG_0016IMG_0096IMG_0123 (2)IMG_0230IMG_0362IMG_0519IMG_0755IMG_0844IMG_1021IMG_1022IMG_1081IMG_1082


Photographer from the north west of England

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