The Pub

For the last 5 years,  I’ve been working on a photography project, its still ongoing but I’m setting myself a deadline and aim to finish the project early next year, so that I can move onto the next long term project – Most of the project has been focused around a small family run pub in the Northwest of England; The Moorbrook, there are other pubs included, but decided the project would work better if  I immersed myself in one place, became part of the furniture, got to know the regulars on a personal level, got to know every nook & cranny, there’s been good beer, music, fun, frolics and even politics, here’s some a sneak peek of some of the images that I’ve madeIMG_0374IMG_9209IMG_9215_MG_9686_MG_8819_MG_8818_MG_8773IMG_7457IMG_2162_MG_8863_MG_8845_MG_8855


Photographer from the north west of England

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