Cycling infrastructure

When we walk or drive in our city centres how does the surrounding environment influence us or help us make decisions? what do the planners of our reality decide? how do their choices become a part of our landscape? On a recent trip to Manchester, I paid a little more attention to the design of a cycle route and how the path is integrated into a busy inner city.

Photographing the directional cues, noting the marriage of the natural and the manmade though this cycle path could be anywhere in England, as the colour schemes seem to be part of the highway code infrastructure, that designed by the famous British Artist; Margaret Calvert, along with her colleague Jock Kinneir in the 1960’s.

In my most recent body of work, I begin a study of the topography of the cycling infrastructure.

Keep an eye out for me on the guild wheel and another cycling routes.



Photographer from the north west of England

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