The Gambia

A few years ago I went to West Africa to the Gambia, where I had a very interesting experience on the eve of my arrival the country had endured an unsuccessful coup d’état attempt, the Military was out in force, checkpoints every mile into the capital of Banjul, soldiers in their full camo gear holding their AK47’s, but we where on holiday, guided by a group of young Gambian men, who took care of our every need, and liked to party, and instisted to us that the Gambia was in a state of peace, and that if we smiled there would be peace on earth, so in a state of ignorent bliss we drank, got high and partied.

During my trip, I couldn’t help notice the great divide between rich and poor, that pain hidden behind the smile, the beauty that lied before me, had an ugly underbelly, that was to be revealed to me on a visit to Kunta Kinteh Island, the dark past of slavery hides here. Free Will stolen from many human beings, a ripple that still sends waves into our current times. here’s a selection of Images from that trip, later this year I will be exhibiting some photos from this trip, so keep an eye out.


_MG_0181_MG_0236_MG_0271_MG_0332_MG_0424 1_MG_0459 1_MG_0485 1_MG_0535 1_MG_9995IMG_0207


Photographer from the north west of England

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