1095 A review

Yesterday I visited 53 degrees off Fylde road Preston, to see the ‘1095’ photography exhibition, the exhibition is hosted by Uclan’s photography Students, the voice of the next generation, the photographers of Lancashire’s cultural landscape.

The work on display here was impressive and of a high calibre, a great range of work being presented, the curation of the exhibition was most impressive! Director; Paige Chappelow and Lead Curator; Alistair Grimley have done a fantastic Job. Great use of a space designed for concerts! (I saw the Happy Mondays in this room a few years ago.

A new performance was now being played out in front of me, one where there was many well thought out ways of displaying photographic work, many stories, views of society and the world around us.

The way these photographers had thought out how to display their work at 1095 really is impressive, while we often visit a gallery and see a formal way of the image being presented before us in a gallery space; prints onto a glossy paper with a glass frame. It’s always great to see what ideas photographers and curators come up with a fresh approach in presenting a body of work they’ve taken the time to create, to engage with the viewer.

On entering the space, the first thing I noticed was the use of scaffolding; A display wall put together by securing some plywood to the structure, somehow it transformed the space, it felt as if I was entering a warehouse rather than a concert hall, which I liked!

The first body of work that got my attention was the photography of Laura Melsome-Smith; her work, very mysterious, great styling, great choice of models, looked like a shoot worthy of a Gucci advertisement, quite moody, but with an air of romance. A large print making quite an impact, fantastic work.


The next body of work was that of the event’s director; Paige Chappelow, ‘Reflection’ A simple frame transformed into a work of art, Multiple images of self-portraits, focused on different aspects of her face, revealing the many emotional states one may experience while scrolling through their social media feed! Whilst also leaving room for mirrors so that the viewer becomes part of the work, looking at oneself, while looking at a photographer, questioning the pressures of modern day social media? A body of work with a style similar to that of Maisie Cousins, creating a different emotional response, in a non-virtual world, great work!


Next, I found an oddly out of place wardrobe, before reading or opening the wardrobe I thought about what might be hiding inside, how might the photographer have displayed their work? then I read the notce on he front, before opening the wardrobe to see what was hiding inside, Such a thought prevoking body of work (no pun intended) really insiring, Vicki Percivals; ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ really challenges the social norms, makes you think about what and why we consider to be imperfection, what the media projects to us and how it makes an impact on us, the photographer has worked with mutipule models who have possibly walked away from the photoshoot, feeling posotive about their imperfections (if they didn’t already) more of this please, world of photography! Amazing work


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was lots more to see, far too much for me to write about, going to go again for a second viewing before it goes and if you haven’t been yet and you’re in the area, (its on until Friday 4pm), I highly recommend going to see the work of some fantastic photographers.

see more of their work here;-







































































to much for me to cover everyones work, so I encourage you to get down to 53 and see the work for yourself


Photographer from the north west of England

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