Wildflower Weaver – Photo Shoot

Wildflower weaver is a textile artist from the North of england, Based in her Studio at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh North Yorkshire. She weaves away making her gorgeous woven wears there throughout the year from sustainable materials, carefully sourcing her wool, while also using fibres such as nettles & hemp.

Having spoke with Izzy the owner artist behind Wildflower Weaver on several occasions before the shoot, I figured out what sort of image she was looking for,for her new Website, the models were selected, the location was set and so was the date for the photo shoot.6M5A0626

The Location? a very picturesque waterfall, Scalebar force, hidden away in Settle, close to where some of Wildflower weavers materials could be found. We couldn’t have picked a better day the sun shining, the water flowing. all the elements to make this a great shoot.

Izzy setting the scene


before I start a shoot I generally have an idea of the shots I’m going to capture but always like to leave room for the unexpected, for my set up I had a Canon 5d MkIII – Elinchrom elb 400 flash kit and a large reflector.

The Elinchrom Flash kits enables me to move around the chosen space easily, while being able to shine brighter than the sun, enabling control of the set and the elements. getting the light on the models & focus on the woven wears.


The day couldn’t have gone better, the models Zoe & Ruby where fantastic, both happy to help out on set, enabling me to be fairly relaxed whilst getting the shots I needed, with assistance from the lovely Josie, who was the best lighting assistant I’ve ever had, a natural. (thanks Josie)

Lighting assistant Josie
Magic moments

Once we’d got the first lot of shots, we had a lovely picnic, to make sure everybody had the energy to continue, with the Sun out it was a very hot day, photo shoots are surprisingly energetic, in the final image it appears like I’ve just stood in front of the camera and i’ve pressed the shutter, we’ve got the shot and gone home… If only! we were on location from just after midday until around 5pm  – albeit in the ideal setting which I could have happily spent the night and next day at. It was a great shoot, I’d like to thank the models, everyone who came and helped,  and Wildflower Weaver (Izzy) it was a great day, lots of fun and look forward to working with you all again.


If you would like to see more of what wildflower Weaver does you can visit her Facebook/ etsy pages, or even pay her a visit at her studio at farfield mill.








Photographer from the north west of England

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