Growing With Grace

Saturday the 5th may was ‘Tomato Day’ at the Co-op ran organic farm; Growing with Grace. The Co-op based in Clapham, North Yorkshire and has been running for over 10 years. Selling organic fruit and veg to people & business in the surrounding area. The aim of ‘Tomato day’ was to plant over 500 tomato plants in one day!


The event also fell at the end of ‘national gardening week’.  a great day to go and get green fingers or at least muddy ones, and of course some photos!  What a day the team at the farm had picked, a glorious day of bank holiday sunshine, though it did make conditions in the greenhouse rather hot.


With the help of its shareholders and volunteers all the plants where in the ground and  a great day was had by all, a great atmosphere and lots of smiles shared on such a great day.


At lunchtime, a fantastic vegan lunch made by the growing with grace team, Salad picked fresh that day, a vegan chilli and some home made bread & banana cake made sure everyone had the energy to finish the task in hand.


Photographing the event was a very enjoyable experience, it’s always fun to shoot in the sunshine especially at such a great place, with great people.

I can’t recommend a visit to the farm enough, have a drive out, (its just located of the A65 in Clapham), You can get yourself a box of organic vegetables, the onsite shop also does the most amazing coffee, and i’m sure if you want to spend a day there getting your hands dirty I’m sure the team at growing with grace would be more than happy to teach you some organic vegetable growing tips. for information about vegetable boxes or volunteering visit their website or facebook page;-




Photographer from the north west of England

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