In the shadows

When it comes to street photography, some of my favorite photographers have produced some of the most amazing photography there is to see. Street photography not only captures a time and a place, it’s a recording the trends of time; way people styled their hair, the clothes they wore, the accessories people carried.

Then there’s the moments that unfold, the moments that bring everything together in the photograph. it could be the way the person being photographed stands, the way they spot the photographer or there maybe a moment of conflict, love, a moment that’s turned into poetry, made historical.

Joel Meyerowitz
Joel Meyerowitz

For me I find there or times when I become anxious – I start thinking what if they start an argument? what if they punch me? its something I need to overcome everytime I go out to record history, and do you know; its never that bad! occasionally someone will take interest and I’ll end up having a conversation about photography with somebody I would have otherwise never have met, So street photography, so far has proven to connect me with more people than create conflict.

Have we become used to being photographed/filmed? CCTV records our every move we never feel then, that our privacy has been invaded we accept it! its the Norm. I often wonder how cool it would be, to be one of the people in a Meyerowitzor or Doisneau  photograph. There you are recorded as part of history, in that city at that time, part of your story has been documented for the people of the future to peer into the scene in which you are part of.

For my latest street Photography outing in Leeds I got out and got a series of images across from Starbucks on Albion Street, I’d noticed how the buildings behind me where casting a shadow across the street and how the people where stepping out of the darkness into the light albeit for a brief moment in time.

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Photographer from the north west of England

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