Exhibition (ham & Jam)

Recently I had a Pop-up Exhibition at Ham&Jam cafe in Preston,  Pop-up in the sense that it was thereupon the walls for one weekend only. I Curated the event, with a little help from friends, I had Jenny & Danny from UkMedia & events; supply lighting to match the color scheme of the events promotional material. Carl of Them There records playing some tunes, Nick Duffy read some poetry and Alice the Ceramics master helped me hang my photos.

We hung my photos using bulldog clips and a bit of sticky velcro so nothing was framed, and it looked good! It didn’t have the usual formality that a gallery exhibition has but it made it more accessible to those who might not always visit a gallery due to the formality, also for me it was a lot cheaper – meaning I didn’t have to spend hundreds getting A1 prints mounted & framed.

photo credit: Alice Bohannon

I would like to thanks all who attended, all that helped, Richard for being a great host, and to those who purchased some of my work.


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Photographer from the north west of England

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