photos in the real world

Uncategorized January 6, 2020

This year I’ve decided to do less online and more in the real world like I use to do in the 90’s! but more specifically especially when it comes to photography! I aim to make more photographs when I say more I dont necessarily mean take more, actually each year I take less the more considered more composed I become! what I mean by making more is printing the photographs, that be using the printers or even making them myself under the red light of the dark room (which is almost ready)

turning the 2D photograph into an 3D object you can touch, That you can peer into without looking into a screen! something you can feel make connection with, something that makes you think! that challenges or reenforces your Ideas.

Online I find that when a photograph is posted, theres a window of opportunity for the photograph to be seen, but theres no saying what comes before and after the image, so often the image is seen completely out of context if seen at all, once you’ve missed it, its gone unless the algorithm decides to present what ever it is your scrolling past 3 days later! So I’m going to conduct an experiment and post my photos in the real world, with a QR scan, linking you here to this page for you to have a look at what else I produce,  get to know what it is i’m attempting to say as an artist, who I work with, what my creative process is and if you’re into photography you can start a conversation with me! let’s discuss, get out into the real world and and make more photos!